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The hordes of enraged zombie fish-folk fill the corridor, zombified sharks enter the fray, and water-breathing time is always draining away. This is how the night starts for our players.

Bloodstaff, previously bitten by the shark, starts to feel the effects of the blood rage zombie curse sweep through his system while the entire party retreats to the worship room. Slowly the horde makes it’s way down the hallway towards the players…

Owyn, seeing the infection taking hold of Bloodstaff the ranger, casts Lesser Restoration upon him, curing him of the blood rage that was taking hold of his thoughts.

The Kuo-Toa priests move the large, silver fish head towards the kelp hallway. The players help, realizing that it is a small stop gate as it won’t take long for the horde to cut their way through the kelp walls. Where the giant, silver fish head once was a hole in the coral floor leads down to another room, which the party retreats to.

There, they discover a large glowing crystal atop an altar with unknown runes written on it. Zita and Lucien guard the entrance, repelling the incoming hoard. Helping & rescuing each other from the clutches of zombified giant crabs, together they keep each other from getting bitten. However, they realize that the rides they came to the kelp temple on are now lost to the infection.

Trull, through her use of illusions, shows the Kuo-Toa an image of their two-headed shark god, convincing them to summon a god of their own creation. A mystical force emanates from the crystal and a lightning-filled visage of a massive two-headed great white shark forms from the crystal. The players and KuoToa grab hold, Lucien and Zita just manage to grab hold as it erupts forth from the kelp temple and heads to the surface.

At the ship, the Madrid apologize for the troubles, reward the players with pearls that will help them control water elementals to speed them on their journey. The crew inform the captain the Madrid were extremely unruly and impatient and wound up eating the cow that was part of the cargo! They loved cooked, warm meat and devoured as much as they could while waiting for the return of the captain.

Setting sail for days in the continually lit edge between the planes, push by water elementals, they speed along. To relieve the boredom and to keep morale up, Lucien shows off his dextrous skills by towing himself behind the ship with rope and a chunk of planking, to the delight of everyone. Until a large, silvery dragon, swoops in behind Lucien from the infinite sky above and heads straight towards the ship.

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