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Quests. Fearsome Foes. Adventure.
In your home & at your table.
Be the hero of your own epic story…

Upcoming Game Nights

April 7, 2023
  • Forgotten Shores
    April 7, 2023  7:00 pm - 11:30 pm


It’s DragonTime.

DragonTime is in your home, with a seasoned storyteller, teaching you and your friends how to play Dungeons & Dragons, guiding you through epic adventures played in the theatre of the mind.

Imagine a game night but with the most creative game ever conceived and the adventures are yours to create.

Also, with delicious snacks.

DnD is a game that has spanned decades and sparked a cultural shift towards fantasy stories. It is exploding in popularity with celebrities playing and players being made into celebrities.

But where do YOU start? It’s a unique, complicated game that captures your imagination and sparks your creativity, but it is best learned with a guide showing you the way. We’d love to help! Let us take you through the hardest part, the beginning, in a fun-filled gaming event where we do all the heavy lifting of setting up the game for you. Along the way, we’ll show you how to run your own game, the essential rules, and play through an evening’s entertainment where the heroes are YOU and the story is one WE create.

Adventure Awaits

Follow along with the Young Legends (a youth-based group with fun as the basis of the adventures in a wild magic land) and the Tides of Blood (a dangerous sea-based high-adventure of deep plots and world-shaking events). These are the two groups that are helping to shape the homebrew world of Zendross.