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Zendross is our homeworld, our homebrew world, that is developing and building as our adventurers go along. The are three main components to this vast land, so far.

The Viridian Sea

This vast body of water is patroled by the Elvish Armada who tries to keep the peace throughout Vendross. It is home to incredible creatures, undersea empires, and hordes of pirates. It is the last refuge of the free, where those who don’t want to obey the rules run to.

Aurial – The Cursed Island

Aurial was cursed by a cadre of mages hundreds of years ago defending the island from a mad demi-mage of immense power. To stop him they cursed magic itself and caused his own magic to kill him but magic in the land remains wild, unpredictable and dangerous. Any magic may hurt or harm, or worse. Most people on this island fear magic and kill magic using folk. People who leave Aurial carry the curse with them and are hated pariahs if they are found elsewhere in Vendross.

Lillisian Empire

Stretching from the Bentmis Ice Fields of the far north to the far south of The Burned Lands, this mighty elvish empire has ruled for over 400 years. A coalition of all elven races quickly rose to dominant an entire continent. Brutally, they keep the peace and suppress any uprising, any defiance, and quickly move to erase problems from existence. Gradually, over hundreds of years, they eliminated most non-elvish priests of any power, greatly diminishing the might of clerics throughout the empire. Only mere acolytes of any religion other than elvish are allowed to keep their lives and religion going.

With teleporting shock troops, armies of high-level battle forged clerics, the elvish empire has a stranglehold on the entire continent. Though not the seas, and only loosely control the farthest reaches of the empire. It’s to these locations those who would be free, escape to. Rogues, pirates, free-creatures, and those that cannot be contained live on the edges and beyond of this empire. Constantly hunted, continually chased, and ultimately free to pursue their dreams.

Zendross - homebrew world of D&D

The towns and cities of Zendross

Below are the notable towns, islands, ports, cities and more of the world of Zendross.

Lillisian – the elvish capital

With over 50,000 inhabitants this is the largest city in Zendross. This is the capital of the elvish empire and home to the ruling families of elves. All inhabitants are fiercely loyal to the empire and extremely wary of outsiders.

Hii’ Gren

The southernmost temple of elvish worship, this mountain retreat overlooks towering falls, the Grenwoods, and Grenvyrn Vale.


This town guards the entrance to the Whispering Rivers and the lush farming and wooded lands beyond. Stimgurd trade is mainly in tall wood and farmed goods. Its tall wood is in great demand for ship masts and massive building structures. It’s close proximity to The Breaks (a churning and shifting rock infested choke point that has taken down many a vessel) prevents most sea trade to the West. Most traders choosing to go overland to James Town, or East by sea to Port Rawthorn, rather than risk losing the cargo.

And dang it, as I’m starting to write these, I realized I should do each town as a post with a category “towns” so I can display, search, and sort them properly on a page. Shoot.