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Incredibly helpful links, videos, and articles used by us and suggested for your game.

Please note, these are NOT sponsored links. These are suggestions to great people and resources for a successful DnD night. Support these people if you can and accept that I’m offering my referral simply based on how awesome they are and on what the do for the community of players.

Black Magic Craft

The godfather of terrain building. You’ll see a lot of my builds and pics from our games are using Jeremy’s techniques and ideas. Support him on patreon, watch his videos, bask in his ideas and make them your own. Seriously, great tutorials anyone can do and bring a huge playable field to your games.

Freddy Lopez

Freddy is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet online and is also an incredibly talented illustrator. He’s worked for some of the biggest game companies and hits up cons often. A great supporter of DnD he loves games, fantasy, and roleplaying. Check out his work at

AND he lets us use his artwork on this site. Please support this guy in any way, shape, form that is possible. He’s awesome and inspires me with every doodle. Keep that pencil moving, Freddy! And thank you.