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lava terrain dm for hire

The very floor moves under her feet, as the cat-like LillyLeaf bounds from one floor panel to the other, the magma below heats and warps the very air. Magic enery undulates in this room, making it hard for the players to focus. At the back of the rock columned room, their is a pile of melted precious metals with still intact objects embedded within. Carefully, LillyLeaf starts to pry the objects out of the pile.

Arik, realizing that nimbleness is not his best trait, instead uses his cavern climbing knowledge and pitons to climb sideways to the back of the room where a slightly hidden hall leads to a smaller room.

The party follows the climbing Arik forged, avoiding the uneven floor. In the small room a table with a large diary is found to contain an accounting of all the magic items Lord Horvath destroyed, kept, or sold. A damning piece of evidence about his complicity in magic destruction over the years.

Parcival joins LillyLeaf at the pile, discovering that her nibleness was warranted and gets burned by steam as he crosses. Together, they break out many items that they figure may be magic or valuable as well as some chunks of pure gold and platinum, coins melted together.

Leaving this area, they head down the one hallway thus far unexplored.

Heat blasts our of this large room like a furnace. Tall columns of rock form the “floor” towering 100′ from the molten lava below. Instant death awaits those who would fall. Rope is tied between these columns on poles that provide an opportunity to make their way across to a section at the far back of the room that has a pile of burned and unburned books on it.

As they work their way across the room, a flame filled humaniod climb out of the lava and climb up the pillars towards the players. A fight errupts, with conventional weapons doing very little damage to the fiery figures. Taking burns, Arik shoves the figure off the platform and back into the lava, realizing more flame figures have started to climb the rock pillars.

Understanding primordial speak, Arwyn attempts to communicate with the creatures, learning they are very hungry and want to burn and consume the players. She convinces them (presuasion roll 19) that they don’t burn well and that they have better consumables for the flame creatures in exchange for safe passage into and out of the room. They agree.

The players quickly grab the half burned books, realizing the far platform was kept cool by magic, and retreat quickly. As a last offering, they throw the medallion that began this quest to the flame creatures. It erupts in magical flames and the flame elementals dance in glory and with great enthusiasm at the destruction of this item.

Most of the books are burned beyond use, two are still intact, and reveal some interesting secrets. One is the diary of the Horvath family and their role in the curse of Auriel and the other is a history of known magic users on the island.

Leaving the castle, Scumtongue Horvath, now Lord Horvath, offers his thanks to the party. He says they can keep all the items they found below and can count on his aid if ever needed. For now, he needs to stay at the castle and rebuild.

Our heroes head back to the village of Urle, satisfied they have completed the quest that brought them together, They have learned much about the history of the corruption of magic on this isle and spend the journey back talking about what lies ahead for them.

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