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A port city on the southern coast of the Inland Sea, Miranda is a medium-sized trade town dominated by the Elvish Empire. With a population of just under 3,000, it’s citizens obey the laws, respect the empire, and will report any nefarious going-ons. Common trade goods are grains and woods from the south, processed in Miranda, and shipped to the northern cities.

Near the Breaks and Velgar’s Swallow, Miranda is also used to destroyed boats and dead sailors washing up on their shores.

The mayor of the town, Neriyra Lithgordian, is a high elf, loyal to the empire and rules with fear in all it’s citizen’s hearts. 15 years ago, a trade guild of primarily halflings objected to the tariff on finished wooden works leaving the town. Complaints were lodged and small protests arranged with a slow down in production intended to initiate talks with the mayor. Two months later, every halfling child in the town was murdered in their sleep, and no one has questioned any laws since.

The town is made up of 5 sections, the docks (trade centre), the hollows (slums), the ruling families homes, the peasantry’s homes, and warehouses. The guards (apx. 100 in the town) are brutal. They heavily enforce the bureaucrat’s whims as they know they’ll be well rewarded and with no repercussions. There is an elite force of 10 battle mages who run the guards and provide bodyguard duty to the mayor and her family.

While there is always shipping work to be found for honest crews the pay is not good considering the high levels of tariffs, fees, and paperwork involved. Smugglers and pirates are not tolerated and a warship, the Nienor Waithin (Waves of Sorrow), sits in the dock, home to the battlemages, and can be set to sail within the hour with the crew made up of the town guards.

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