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Having all converged into the courtyard of Horvath Castle near dusk, our heroes start today’s game with a near-dead goblin at their feet with Scumtongue wanting to torture it for information, and Luecosia wanting to protect the goblin from further harm.

Parcival notices that the squirrels in the trees all seem to be watching the party very intently with one of the squirrels near Luecosia’s feet and tugs at her boot while pointing at the goblin. The goblin, who was scared of the player characters threatening him, is absolutely terrified of the squirrel.

Raven, who has the highest passive perception score, isn’t distracted by the squirrel’s odd behavior, but rather notices lots of other squirrels are on the castle walls, the trees, the buildings, and outcroppings. A lot.

The goblin lashes out at the squirrel with a small knife, pinning it to the ground. In response, the squirrel starts growing larger, and larger, and reaches back and pulls the harmless knife out of it’s back, as it heals almost instantly. Turning to the goblin, the bear sized squirrel tears into the goblin with animalistic ferocity, ripping the goblin to shreds.

The many, many, many, squirrels surround the players and the larger one transforms again, into a large fur-covered man holding a staff topped with a large golden acorn.

“I have dealt with the goblin nuisance, and you shall be my queen.”, he states to Leucosia.

The players realize that they are dealing with were-squirrels and are hopelessly outnumbered. The self-proclaimed king, Chkkekekkrk, asks Luecosia what would she like the squirrels to kill to prove their worth to her. The other humans and elves perhaps? Instead, she asks them to deal with the approaching army, to which he agrees to do.

Chkkekekkrk agrees and uses his staff to summon a gargantuan squirrel, Ghkekkekek, from the forest.

Meanwhile, with warmings from Chkkekekkrk not to leave the castle, the players mount a rescue for the missing guard, Trevor, and enter the tower where he disappeared. Inside, they find a large carrion crawler chewing on his leg. Trevor is paralyzed and unable to defend himself so our heroes they leap into action. With arrows, spells, and a large thump to the head of the Carrion Crawler from a warhammer, they manage to drive the beast back into the large, deep, hole in the floor from whence it came. There are 10′ holes in the floor of both levels and then deep into the ground – where the beast went cannot be said, but for now, it is no longer a threat.

A massive carrion crawler hangs from the ceiling and chews on Trevor’s leg as the party enters the room.

Scumtongue tells the party that two silver swords hang as part of their families crest in the main hall, if they recover them, they’ll at least have some weapons against the were-beasts.

And to finish the night, they hear a knock at the main gate. A raggedy kid is looking for help.

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