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First floor saltmarsh mansion XPS foam

With the return of Trull, the party takes a long rest to recuperate from their recent battles. With the bandit prisoners locked in the room adjacent to the undead, acid-hurling, skeleton it is an uneventful night.

Morning brings a storm from the sea, and dead bandits, killed by the mysterious skeleton the party deems fit to leave alone for the time being.

If there were remaining bandits in the caves beneath the Saltmarsh mansion, they are long gone during the night, along with the earlier discovered casks of rum out to sea in the secret grotto cave.

Together the party heads to the main floors to clear out the house, room by room, encountering locked drawers, hidden compartments in fireplaces, and spiders. Soo many spiders, which, for just being lots of little spiders gave our party a very difficult time with spells missing the mark, soggy torches refusing to be lit, and a good old foot stomping seeing to be the only reliable method of getting rid of this swarm of spiders.

A room filled with seven red mushrooms prompted all manner of investigations while the entrance hall had an old rug with the Silvos family crest on it (Captain Silvos was the ill-fated family from the Fishmonger).

To end the night the party heads to the second floor and investigates a bedroom with a locked door, where they find a tied up captive. Ned, a farmer from a nearby village, who was travelling to Saltmarsh when he was hit from behind upon entering the mansion. He woke up, nearly naked bearing a nasty gash to the back of his head, tied up, naked except for his loin cloth, in this room two days ago.

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