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Having stealthily entered the castle via a secret entrance in the refectory, our heroes await the return of the druid. She comes back after an hour to reveal that each tower has some goblins with crossbows in it, the small church has been destroyed, as has the garden and other small building. Finally, the building next to them is filled with some creatures.

Livid with rage, Scumtongue, races out of the building and takes to the stairs to attack the goblins in the towers. With no choice, our heroes follow him and try to keep up with the chaos as he runs along the castle wall killing anything that crosses his path. Our cleric takes a near mortal wound from a goblin, who is killed by the Parcival, who uses his wild forest magic to heal the cleric. At this point the party splits in two, to block goblins coming up from the south tower, while the cleric and Parcival chase after Scumtongue and Trevor (the other town guard).

One of the towers is set on fire by the Gwedolyn in the meelee and the goblins near the gate to the bridge over the ravine start blasting a large horn, alerting the creatures within the castle. Bursting forth, 12 more goblins run out into the courtyard to attack.

Scumtongue and the ranger rain arrows down upon them from the castle walls, while the mage and druid deal with goblins coming up the burning tower. Trevor runs ahead to the large guard tower near the main entrance and enters it. Trevor utters a blood-curdling scream from within which gets suddenly cut off.

Hearing the commotion, Oggmunder and the thief take this opportunity to rush to the castle, hurling explosive potions at the barricade, killing the goblins who were defending it. Entering the castle, they rush to the middle to help the party deal with the remaining goblins.

Scattering and near dying, two goblins run back into the barracks whence they came. A goblin comes running out of the burning tower and is knocked unconscious by a torrent of water summoned overhead by the druid to put out the fire.

Injured and tired, our heroes meet in the castle square, Scumtongue agreeing with the druid to keep the goblin alive, but his plan is to torture it for information, not shelter it. A low rumble interrupts both their argument and plans, and looking out across the bridge, in the far distance coming down the mountain path towards them, thousands of goblins, orcs and giant creatures, an army, is rushing towards the castle.

Summoned by the horn, they are now rushing towards the castle and our adventurers.

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