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With new crew members, a small cargo pickup, and refreshed supplies, the crew of the newly re-named Rat Sack head to Redwater Bay to look for their missing comrade, Lucien.

Dar Ryker, counts himself lucky to get to shore and leaves the crew for friendlier waters.

En route, Edward goes through his new quarters and chooses to leave the magical Flotsam Tides book alone for now, as it requires a blood covenant.

Zita starts the training of Cherlyze in the art of swordplay. Trull works on learning more about being a sailor, and the odd pantheistic priest Doghy seems to keep himself busy arguing about religion to all those that will listen, even those who won’t listen, and even those that aren’t there.

Late in the afternoon, they arrive at Redwater Bay, it’s entrance blocked by a large ramshackle ship/raft, the Wastewater, a kobold/goblin vessel. A parlay vessel is sent out, a raft really, with a goblin and two kobolds under the white flag.

Confusion reigns as not everyone speak goblin. The crew finds out that the Wastewater has had dealings with an elf recently and have a prisoner hanging from their ship in a cage. The goblin, perhaps sensing the wind changing direction, starts telling a confusing story, so much so that players are required to make a Charisma check, to avoid the effects of the Confusion spell the goblin cast. A battle ensues, as Zita jumps off the dinghy, Edward chooses to do nothing, and jokes fly from the goblin as the raft and ship suddenly pick up speed and rush towards the Rat Sack at unnatural speed.

Giant sharks chained to the ship and are pulling it towards the Rat Sack! The odd goblin takes repeatedly heavy damage and shrugs it off all while casting horrible taunts, jokes and confusion at the crew. The sharks leap out of the water, entangling the Rat Sack, and preventing its escape.

Previously, it looked empty, but now, kobolds lower the draw bridge on the front of the ship and fire a barrage of arrows at the helm. Ballista’s fire! And Edward swims to the other ship and climbs to the top to free the prisoner who he discovers is a dead fisherman possibly from Saltmarsh and not Lucien.

Zita, now back on the Rat Sack, unleashes a Hail of Thorns with his arrow, that prove to be devastating to the closely bunched kobolds.

Having lost the will to fight such an unreasonable bunch, the goblin whips off his underwear and once again raises the flag of the parlay. Taking a box of grey ooze as payment from the Rat Sack for their troubles, they depart.

Lastly, the crew get into a dinghy and head to shore, to the Bladed Beach, where they can see someone on the shore waiting for them.

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