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lava imps and terrain dungeon build

The sentient cheese first bonds with Parcival and then with Arik the dwarf, and follows the party out of the room barking “Horace” at them.

Heading deeper into the dungeon our heroes discover a large hall lined with tall pillars. Atop the pillars are statues of heroes past from the family of Horvath. A voice booms out not to enter and some statues come alive and leap down to battle the intruders.

Swords and arrows have little effect on the statues, but war hammers and maces make quick work of the statues.

Past this room the find an altar and a secret room dedicated to the god of memory. By placing their hand on the outstretched hand of the statue, they can recover a long lost memory and if a spell-caster, a spell slot.

Realizing this is a holy place, they decide to leave a small offering and depart without damaging or taking any of the precious items.

Backtracking they head into the hotter part of the dungeon. They discover a room filled with boiling hot water and a stone tablet mysteriously floating on the water. Carefully, Lillyleaf makes the long jump to read the inscription and leaps back just as carefully and successfully.

Further, into the dungeon, it gets hotter, and the next room has piles of magma. They are alive! And attack. These lava creatures fly towards the party members, spitting flames and their mere touch causes massive burns! Arik the dwarf remembers from his clans long memories, that these creatures may explode upon their death. And indeed they do, so long-range weapons are used to deal the final blows.

Lastly, they come to another room where the floor itself is rippling and broken and on top of magma. And in the far corner, is a pile of something glittery…

lava imps and terrain dungeon build
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