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Game 15

Leaving the Bladed Beach, spirits are low despite their success at rescuing Lucien from his captors. Marjorie’s death seems to have affected everyone, including their cleric, who inexplicitly performed two funerals.

Sailing North towards Miranda to deliver spices, the Rat Sack and crew stay within visible distance of shore as they have no navigator to guide them on the open ocean. They enter a squall that turns into a storm and head towards where they think the Skyhorn Lighthouse would be located.

Edward knows Skyhorn as an affable, if odd, lighthouse keeper. A former captain himself, he is of immense size and bearing. He built his lighthouse many years ago after his own ship went down in the region. Skyhorn Lighthouse is a message trading center for all manner of sailors. He may know of a navigator that would join the crew.

The storm intensifies as they sight the light from the lighthouse. Getting as near as they dare, our party decides to take a small craft to the lighthouse and tells the crew to wait for their return.

At the rocky outcrops leading up to the lighthouse a pretty young woman is waiting near the shore and invites the males of the crew to join her. Leaving the women in the party perplexed as all they see is a pile of seaweed. Rejected, the Kelpie instead attacks the party but retreats to the sea when overwhelmed and injured.

The lighthouse is barred from the inside but they can see Skyhorn on the top of the lighthouse, manning his large beacon. Lucien and Edward climb the tower and cautiously approach the formidable Skyhorn. Easily 7 feet tall, this immense man is missing a leg, an eye and half an arm. The years have not been kind to him and he seems rattled and forgetful, though determined to shine his light to the sea.

“The large storm is here, I must warn everyone to stay away. You fools came anyway… but the giant storm is almost here and over. I have to watch the seas.”

His hatch to the lighthouse is covered with large stones, he tells the players that Eelfolk have taken over the lighthouse.

“They want my water bowl, Edward. You have to stop them, you can’t let them get it.”, he pleads with the party in a confusing rattled way. His thoughts seem broken and disjointed, he won’t leave his light and his duty.

The party descends into the lighthouse, carefully sneaking towards six eelfolk in the large common room. A furious fight ensues in which they dispatch the eelfolk but learn that they have pent up electricty in them which explodes upon their death. This causes much damage to the party. They take a short rest to regain their breath, and then continue to explore the lighthouse.

Game 16

Searching the lighthouse they find a bolt-hole that leads deep underground to a vast water-filled cavern. beneath the sea. A sunken ship lies off the shore. A long ladder hangs down and leads to the cavern floor which is doubles as Skyhorn’s warehouse of supplies. Vast shelves of boat parts, food, and more that have been reclaimed from the seas over the years fill the area.

Mysteriously, presumably magical, a storm cloud rains down in the cavern, with an occasional lightning strike into the waters. The storm seems to reflect the weather outside the lighthouse.

At the far end of the cavern, two larger eelfolk are arguing in their unique language. Tied up and dead bodies of sailors surround them They stand guard in front of a large metal door in the cavern wall.

Stealthily the party approaches, and though they have the element of surprise, these two eelfolk are much hardier than those they faced before. Using the terrain to their advantage the party uses long range weapons to dispatch them and to avoid getting into melee combat and their lightning death release.

Opening the doors the party is shocked to see glowing water and glowing runes carved into the floor. Two eelfolk, larger still and electricity arching beneath their skins, seem to be goading and forcing a captive human to perform a ritual at the edge of the water. The captive is repeating a phrase over and over again. Though tied up, he gives no notice to the players as he continues his litany of magical phrases. Bodies of burnt tied up sailors are piled against the wall.

Taking no chances the party immediately attacks. Leaping into the room and into action, and with a well-placed arrow to the captive, Zita stops the ritual dead. Enraged, the larger eelfolk attacks Zita with lightning blasts and flinging balls of electricity, ignoring the rest of the party. The other eelfolk attacks the other heroes. A furious and deadly battle ensues.

Seeing Zita in danger, Cherlyze rushes into the room to attack the Eelfolk, forgetting that they explode when they die. Her sword strike kills the eelfolk attacking Zita, and the death blast knocks her and Zita unconscious. While they were able to revive Zita, Cherylize was not so lucky, and dies next to Zita.

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