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Getting back to the castle, our heroes have decisions to make. An army approaches, goblins are holed up in the main building of the castle, and a were-squirrel still wanders about the grounds.

But first, two strangers approach the Horvath Castle, bringing horses and fresh supplies and a message from Lord Slaggo, he has another job for the adventurers if they can make it back to the town. The rescued children are tasked with guarding the horses.

While explaining the situation, the were-squirrel simply walks by them, declaring his squirrel army wasn’t enough to defeat the invading monster army and is heading into the woods.

The players, quickly conferring, use the explosive potions that Lillyleaf had found on the goblins in the woods to try and destroy the bridge. Scumtongue and Trevor ready the ballista to fire into the approaching army.

The potions explode but don’t take out the bridge, so Parcival and Lillyleaf decide to risk death and use the destructive magical amulet that brought them to the Castle in the first place. Four rounds of damage (and four possible instant death saving throws) the bridge collapses at the centre and, thankfully, the amulet doesn’t backfire onto the players using it. Today, magic is predictable.

Continuing with their quest, the players talk the barricaded goblins out of the main building and head into Horvath’s hall. The goblins leave the castle, running directly into the thing they feared the most, the were-squirrel.

Our heroes searched the hall extensively. Wherein they find many interesting facts about the Horvath family, and, at Scumtongue’s suggestion that his father spent a great deal of time in his library, they find a secret, trapped, bookcase entrance that leads deep into a dungeon, far below the castle.

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