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dungeons and dragons

The evening starts with two player’s chasing down the street towards the monks carrying away Lucien.

One stops delay Edward and Trull by attacking their (stolen) horse. With a sizable lead and the time it took to overcome the monk, they arrive at the docks to see three small boats heading in three directions.

A squalid, sea urchin of a kid speaks to Edward in thieves cant, for a coupla coppers, he offers up the information that the smuggling ship they’ve been waiting for has been spotted out by the old mansion.

They head back to the mansion to rejoin their crew. Zita, Cherylize (his date), and Enseron are leaving the mansion after forcibly getting past a guard. They were downstairs in the dungeon and missed the fracas earlier.

Having learned of their companion, they decide to head to the Fishmonger to help their injured captain and regroup.

The captain says they’ll head north and track down one of the ships. Zita, Edward, and Trull are to head south and board the Sea Ghost, looking for their companion.

Stealing a few horses, and riding a giant weasel, they ride hard to the mansion. Inside, they see the signal light from a ship offshore, and respond with the signals they learned from their earlier exploration of the mansion. In the secret entrance below, they do find a raft, and row out to the Sea Ghost, approaching it from the seaside in this dark and calm night.

Stealthily climbing aboard, they manage to get close to the crew on deck and attack with surprise. The battle goes well but takes a sudden turn as Trull is struck down after charming the other ship’s mage. Luckily, and frustratingly, that mage casts fog cloud to protect his new-found and fallen friend.

Pitching a few overboard, and stabbing the rest, our party manages to gain control of the top deck of the ship. The ship mage offers up information that an elf did just come on board with her husband all wrapped in bandages and is below deck, waiting for the Sea Ghost to depart and deliver her across the channel to…

Going directly to her quarters, they confront her, quickly realizing that she isn’t the noble-woman seeking passage she claims. A fast and furious fight erupts and she’s struck down and killed.

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