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hosted dungeons and dragons winnipeg

What language do mimics speak? I want to talk to the door that’s attacking us and find out why.

Into the dungeon beneath the castle, down a long flight of stairs behind the secret bookcase. Trails of blood go down the stairs which lead our players to a large room with a large spike fill pit in the middle of it. Two guards’ bodies lie in the spikes, impaled, and dead for a few days.

Lilyleaf carefully lowers herself into the pit and checks things out.

Realizing that the have been going at adventuring non-stop for quite some time, they decide to take a long rest to recover hit points, spells and hit dice. Setting up a watch they get their long, overdue sleep.

Venturing down the halls, they start exploring. The first room contains barrels of pickled food but is filled with cobwebs. Lighting them on fire is the solution and the hear skittering of large insects run for the cracks in the walls. They take some pickles and some pickled cabbage for later.

Coming to a door, Parcival checks to see if it’s locked, but it’s a MIMIC and attacks him. The shock of a door with a large tongue and teeth must have gotten to the players as there is confusion, misses galore, and pickles being thrown around. Yes, you read that right, they distracted the mimic for a round with pickles. At one point, two PD’s were stuck to its tongue and were grappled!

Heading through another door they discover what looks like a hot tub. Complete with towels but no adventurer dares take a dip.

The next hallway reveals an elaborate trap – which is foiled by the players actually coming the wrong way down the hall! Lillyleaf gets squished a bit but some heroic level strength feats move the boulder enough to get her out of between a rock and a wall.

Lastly, they enter a large larder that has previously been raided. Only to discover hiding in the ruins a sentient round block of cheese. It rolls around and comes to rest at Parcival’s feet with a loud “Horace” belched from it.

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