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We find our heroes below deck, in a passenger’s quarters, having just slain the suspected elvish monk but weren’t able to locate her husband (which is suspected to be Lucien).

With caution, they interview the ship mage, Dar-Ryker, as to the whereabouts of the rest of the crew, the ships plans, and where the missing “husband” may be located. Meanwhile, Edward heads on deck to deal with the young sailor still in the crow’s nest.

First time out with the new initiative tracker. Worked well! The contrast was fine and kept the game moving.

Searching the ship, the party takes on the remaining crew in the hold. Some fight to the death, but a few give up.

As per questioning with Dar Ryker, they speak to the three lizardfolk passengers regarding their business. The party decides that they will deliver them as per the previous agreement but the lizardfolk want their electrum back that they had given the now dead captain. They agree.

They search cabins and find several hidden smuggling places onboard including one holding a captive wrapped in a tarp. An odd old man, Donaghy, claiming to be a pantheist, and argues randomly with no one about the benefits of his many religions. Deemed harmless enough, they ask him to join the crew. Searches of the captain and mage’s quarters reveal books and booty.

Tense moments as the hour passes and the charm spell of Dar Ryker wears off. He convinces the party that he wasn’t a fan of the old captain and first mate. If they want, he’ll stay on as co-ship mage with Trull. To which they agree.

A mysterious large metal box and a smaller odd wooden box are left alone for now in the hold. The captain’s log only has this to say about them: “to be delivered to the mage”.

Operating on a skeleton crew, the party head north along shore towards the marshes and drop off the lizardfolk and their weapons cargo, before heading into Seaton to replenish supplies, rest, and recruit more crew. Zita is given the quarter-masters position and asks Cherylize to go ashore and recruit sailors.

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