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water elemental djinn

Game 17

With the destruction of the Skyhorne lighthouse by the ascension of the storm giant’s ascension underway our heroes take refuge in the underground cavern until the literal storm of their lives ended.

Following the storm, the party scavenges many supplies from Skyhorne’s storage from years of scavenging shattered boats. With his home destroyed and his reason for staying at the lighthouse for so long now over, Skyhorne buys into an ownership stake of the ship with the party, and signs on as ship’s navigator. Using a small runabout they head back to the ship that managed to ride out the storm relatively unharmed. The traitorous sailor who headed back to the ship at the first chance he got and tried to take command of the Rat Sack was found dead near the large metal box in the hold, his head cracked open like an egg. Dumping him overboard unceremoniously, the crew made to swap sails and head to the Velgar to shore up their crew’s numbers.

Once at Velgar, the party explores the town and sets up recruitment at the local pub where the owner takes offence to the Tiefling being in her establishment. Zita’s parents are in the pub, overjoyed at finding their long lost son, and try to dissuade him from his path of adventuring.

Zita and Lucien find some additional sailors who will join their crew and an experienced sea-ranger, who is willing to sign on for the chance to hunt down dragon turtles.

Firebrand explores the shops in town, purchases more ballista bolts, and secures a high priced cow for delivery to the elvish rulers of Miranda.

Sailing North, instead of West to Miranda, Captain Firebrand and Skyhorn convince the crew to steer the ship directly into the dreaded Velgar Swallows, against the flow of the massive whirlpool. Threatening to kill all who disobeyed, the crew reluctantly agreed, directed the ship against the current, and plummeted the ship into the Swallows. The path laid out by Skyhorne avoided the crushing forces of the whirlpool and exited the ship onto a new plane of existence. One of infinite horizon – the meeting place between the air and water elemental planes.

With infinite air overhead and infinite water below, the bewildered crew is immediately set upon by a school of black crabs that race towards and flood the ship’s deck.

While fending off the large horde of crabs, the players quickly realized the crabs were fleeing from an even greater threat – the 50 foot regally garbed fish-like creature that was chasing them!

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