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ghost alchemist

As our heroes enter the stairs to the basement, they hear a horrific agonizing scream from the room below, terrifying Thaylin and Lucien, but they are able to summon the courage to go on. Failing their saving throws, they are both suffering the effects of being terrified.

In the basement, our adventurer’s find a large broken up wine cellar. A corpse, clad in plate mail, lies in the middle of the floor. Edward Firebrand inspects the corpse and Rot Grubs burst forth.

Thaylin, scared of the grubs, refuses to come down the stairs but gives the characters the advice to burn them. Which they do, and Firebrand, to rid his body of the rot grubs before they make it to his heart.

Searching the room they find one unbroken bottle of wine and Zita finds a secret entrance.

Opening the entrance gets a volley of arrows from two bandits who were waiting in the room for the adventurers. Bursting through our adventurers were able to overcome and kill the bandits. The room is filled with small beds, footlockers, and two doors at one end. One of the doors is barricaded door is at one end with warnings of “Do NOT Open” written on the boards. So, naturally, our heroes open the door.  apack of skeletons burst forth and immediately attack. Minimal damage is done to the party, though Lucien and Thaylin are showing the effects of being terrified, and Lucien’s exhaustion is showing.

The other door reveals a small room, better outfitted than the barracks they were just in, with clothes and some finery. After a search they also turn up a spellbook with Trull takes to study later.

As the session ends, the room the skeletons came out of is explored, and a secret door is found, and from behind it, an eerie blue glow begins to emanate.

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