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Zendross - homebrew world of D&D

Last night saw the team of DragonTime brainstorming names and terraforming a world map.

Download the current Zendross map here.

I spent about 6 hours creating the map for our games to be played in (using Inkarnate, which is a very fun tool, a bit clunky ’till you learn the interface, but definitely drool-worthy maps can be created). I choose Inkarnate vs. Wonderdraft based on the fee structure. Inkarnate is a low $5/month, while Wonderdraft is $40US one time fee. Ideally, they should both have a low-cost trial period than a purchase price. I’m not big on subscriptions for software, so Inkarnate won’t last forever with me.

At any rate, continents and temperate zones have been created! The characters will know where in the world they are and where their characters can come from.

My plan is to build further detailed maps based on where they are spending time in the world. Below is the whole world map with town’s visited so far and a bunch more that we thought of to put in.

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