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After a few weeks at sea, our adventurers arrive in town of Saltmarsh to look for a buyer for the Fancy Maiden and to initiate the major repairs needed on the Fishmonger. The ships were greeted by sullen and angered merchants backed by the full contingent of town guards. The orc-provided silks used for the makeshift sails were stolen by the orc pirates weeks earlier from a merchant vessel owned by Gellan Primewater, a town councillor and fabric merchant, who demanded his merchandise back and the heads of the entire crew. As a compromise, as obviously they weren’t trying to hide the goods, Captain Bellamy gave back all the silks and slaves (sailors from the lost merchant vessel) and the adventurers were enlisted to investigate a haunted mansion a few miles from town.

Trull went searching for spells with a local mage, Keledek the Unspoken, a tall man in red robes and turban.  homeAt his and tower he rebuked Trull for being a rank amateur magician and told her to come back when she had something of value to barter with

With minimal setup and a rush to get there, they hit the road with their fellow sailor, Thaylin (who’s skill with the cutlass was widely known by the crew). They came to the dilapidated mansion just before sunset and came through the back gate. Giant overgrown rose bushes were believed to house large wild weasels so were avoided. A quick check of the old well revealed glints at the bottom. The mage, xxx, used mage hands to grab the silver pieces at the bottom of the well, angering the giant poisonous snakes within. They quickly burst out of the well and attacked. With the aid of the Thaylin, they were quickly dispatched.

Not so much the giant centipedes which attacked out of a cupboard almost killing the elf monk in the first room they entered in the mansion.

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