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Game 21, 22, 23

With Flotsam only a few miles to port side, a sudden fog envelops the Rat Sack. With caution, the Captain directs the ship towards Flotsam, and the fog thickens.

Large pillars of rock pass by, pillars that weren’t there mere moments before. As the ship passes by, large spiders leap out at the ship. The crew prepare for a fight and the spiders don’t disappoint. Leaping in and out of existence they quickly board the ship and attack.

Graxxthe Dragonborn, takes to the bow with his great ax, Zita fires his crossbow and rains a hail of thorns onto the vanishing spiders. Trull strikes out with magical energy, and Lucien takes to the rigging and crows nest to defend the crew.

Dropping from one plane to another the spiders prove to be troublesome foes but are dispatched by the crew.

As the ship goes further into the fog, a small srowboat appears and comes toward the Rat Sack. There are four passengers on the ship, Graxx, Trull, Zita, and Lucien. No longer on the Rat Sack, the small vessel drifts into the fog…

The small vessel comes ashore on an uncharted island. A parth leads up a grassy hill, still enveloped in fog only the path is clear. Our four adventurers take to the path and come upon two small children. They tell of trobles in their house on the hill. A monster has taken it over and the can’t find their parents.

The house is an old, tall mansion. Our party enters and finds all manner of mystery throughout – and dangers. So many supernatural dangers. With food that rots as you eat it, spirits, unexplained phenomena, clues to the owners of the house, and letters from a mysterious benefactor…

The basement proves to be a dungeon wherein the party dispatches a shambling mound that ate Graxx, though he managed to carve his way out of the beast. “That was diabolical.” With the destruction of the beast, and the ritual fulfilled, it is a mad race to leave the crumbling house with traps and collapsing walls taking their toll on the party as they escape with their lives and head back to the Rat Sack.

Now back on the ship, the mysterious fog fades, revealing the floating pirate island of Flotsam in the near distance.

Note: I took a break from DM’ing for a few nights and a player stepped up with a homebrew encounter and the first module from Curse of Strahd to keep the excitement going as I reloaded my DM’ing initiative. Thank you to that player! We had a ton of fun and am now prepped for the rest of the campaign.

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