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Dark and Stormy – 5th ed Module Adventure


A small child needs your help. His friends have disobeyed their parents warnings and have ventured into the mysterious Ignotten maze and have not returned. Wil you venture into the woods and into the dark and stormy night to explore Ignottens Maze? Secrets and foul going ons await you.

But can your party uncover the secrets hidden in Ignottens Maze before the night gets too dark?


Dark and Stormy will have your players exploring the haunted Ignotten maze and a classic Halloween children’s cartoon from Charles Schultz. A one-night one-shot adventure for beginning adventurers using the 5th Ed D&D rule set.

Includes a map, new creatures, new magic item, a 16 page adventure, and filled with original art!

Artwork by the taleted Anthony Hary (@anmph on twitter) and Trent Cross (@smilingeye_ca on twitter).

Based on a beloved Halloween cartoon classic this adventure is a perfect introduction to the game and also suited to the experiencd game master who wants to bring something different to their players (on those game days where you don’t have the prep done!).