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The Barren Straights are getting crowded. With the Fishmonger tied on and the players deciding what to do with the captured ghost ship, a vessel approaches from the distance as the mists clear. It is identified as the
The Bar-Largh (an orcish word meaning elf heart braised in elf blood) – a known orcish pirating vessel, and it’s heading directly to the Fancy Maiden under full sail where the winds don’t seem to be that strong.

Zita is ordered to perform bilge cleaning by Edward Firebrand for his insubordinate nature (that’s what your character gets for missing a gaming night). And the half-orc mage is asked to pretend to be the captain of the Fancy Maiden as Captain Bellamy doesn’t want to bother with the orcs and spends the duration of the encounter in his cabin with the elf monk to prevent any unpleasantries. He also provides Edward Firebrand with a special flag to hoist, a Smuggler’s Flag, that to observers, always displays a friendly or aligned banner. Thus equipped, the orcs hail the Fancy Maiden and wish to parlay. Knowing that they can’t run and are not very maneuverable they agree and cautiously allow the orc crew to board the ship between them, the recently acquired Fishmonger.

The half-orc captain, Captain Shawrgh, is sincere in his parlays, with no aggressive intent, looking to trade for salted fish. In fact, he offers up a banquet of dolphin meat, summoned by his ship mage, a young druid, to sweeten the deal. During the feast, one of his crew, displeased at how nice he is treating the other ship, rises to challenge him. The faux captain, intervenes, using a very persuasive argument, calming down the orcs before blood is shed.

Captain Shawrgh, impressed with her talents, generously offers silks or a caged bugbear for the salted fish. The characters agree if he includes some of his slaves, which he generously agrees to.

The goods are transferred peacefully and the orcs sail away. The last thing the characters see as the Bar-Largh sails away, is the head of the mutinous orc being thrown into the sea.

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