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Want to learn how to play? We do in-house professional DnD play! Think paint night in your home. But with dragons.

DnD is explosively popular right now due to shows like Stranger Things and Game of Thrones, but where to start? Let us host a game for you at your house! We bring everything needed, including the DM. You provide from 3-5 of the coolest peeps you know, and we’ll run the session for you. Trust us, it’s the most fun you’ll have with your imagination. Options include full catering, beverages, and snacks. We’ll talk to you and formulate an adventure that would suit your group. You’ll get an idea of what’s involved in running a game, a crash course in the rules, and of course, an incredibly immersive fantasy role-playing game experience.

Dungeons and Dragons (5th ed) is a role-playing game. You take on the role of someone in the game and then play through the story the DM has set up for the group (DM = dungeon master, AKA game master, AKA the person who runs the game). This can be a one night adventure or a long-term, ongoing story that sees your characters grow into legends (or not, and get killed by innumerable monsters, threats, and dangers – don’t worry, it happens, that’s what erasers are for).

Our idea is to give you the tools and experience to go at it alone if you choose or just to have a unique one-off game night with your friends. You choose!

Our interpretation of some rules