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Player creation took most of this session followed by an introduction to the history of the Auriel Island and the game setting. After the players were deemed ready to go, the setting was set and events unfold that encircle our players…

Five travellers huddle in a quiet inn on a damp night in the small fishing village of Urle. Meg, the tavern owner, serves up some watery ale and a hearty rat-free stew (“well I didn’t pays for the rats, did I?”) as our players stay warm next to the fire and begin to get to know each other and what brought them here.

Suddenly, a bedraggled man in a guard uniform bursts into the inn, stumbles over to Parcival, and whispers into his ear, “the dwarf betrayed us all”. He places his hand on Parcivail’s chest, mutters a word only Parcivail can hear, and eldritch flame blasts forth from the brooch he had under his hand and instantly incinerates.

Everyone is shocked and jump up from their seats. “Nobody move!”, yells the commanding officer of a contingent of crossbow-wielding town guards who are at the door, who seems to have been chasing this unfortunate soul, and watched the magic destroy him.

Now their attention turns to the strangers in town…

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