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These are the chronicles of the Young Legends of Auriel, the Cursed Island (download the world map of Vendross here). So-called as no magic works like it should, with wild effects vexing it’s users and often times killing or cursing the caster. Magic isn’t trusted like it is elsewhere and those who practise it are hunted down and destroyed. For two hundred years this curse has plagued the land and no one dares venture to this island and those brave souls who leave the isle are immediately killed when found out for fear of the curse spreading to the rest of the world.

The Young Legends currently consist of:

Lillyleaf – the young street urchin who followed along with the party

Parcival – the mysterious human ranger

Gwendolyn – elvish mage of the north

Leucosia Rildè – druid of the Elmwood Valley of the Torin Forest

Raven – the cleric of Thore, god of battle and storms.

On a dark rain-filled night in the small southern fishing village of Urle, a simple misunderstanding throws our heroes together on a quest to dispose of a lethal magical brooch. Together, they will uncover horrible secrets that will change the very fabric of the magic of the land – or they might just wind up killing each other, honestly, it could go either way. Here’s the story so far…