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Royal Game of Ur


The oldest known board game in existence, the Royal Game of Ur is handmade by DragonTime staffers to help pay for our gaming addictions. By using BMC techniques on XPS foam that we use in our game terrain building, some very nice gold paint, wooden disks, and cigar boxes, we are able to build a distinctive and affordable Royal Game of Ur board for you.

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Want to impress your game buddies? This is our version of the oldest board game in the world: The Royal Game of Ur.

This game is very easy to learn and is suitable for all ages (we include instructions!). Luck and strategy are equal components in this game. It is very fun and only takes about 15 minutes to play a game. You call yourself a gamer and haven’t played the oldest board game in existence? Let’s fix that.

Included in your purchase are:

  • handmade playing board,
  • 14 gems/markers (choose from available colours!),
  • 4 coins (binary decision-makers),
  • rules,
  • and a box to hold it all in!

Our Process:

  • The board is cut from XPS foam (insulation foam), texturized, and the squares are marked up. We then glue chipboard to the bottom to add durability to the piece.
  • We then do a coat of mod-podge and black paint, it seals the foam and gives a nice painting surface for the next steps.
  • Once dry, we follow up with dark grey paint, then a drybrush of a light grey.
  • Next up is a dark wash which brings back the texture, followed by another highlight coat to bring back any edging we lost along the way.
  • Finally, we spray coat it with a UV sealant to protect our work.
  • We do the same for the divider in the box.

We want to mention that the store we purchase the cigar/game boxes from donates all the money to children’s charities. The boxes get repurposed, money goes to charity, AND you get an awesome game. Win-Win-Win! In case you were wondering why we use cigar boxes.

Any problems? We’ve got you covered. Just let us know and we’ll make things right. We’re small and every order is awesome and we’ll treat it that way.

We were going to do a rules video, but the wonderful Irving Finkel has provided one that is immensely entertaining so we suggest you watch that for a quick history lesson and playthrough. One thing to note, they use a four-sided dice with coloured pips for their four binary decision-makers. We use coin-sized disks. The results are the same, with variations in rolls between 0 and 4, and the probability and odds of the numbers coming up the same as well.

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 23 × 14 × 5 cm
Gem Colour - Player 1

Blue, Clear, Green

Gem Colour - Player 2

Blue, Clear, Green